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Wounded Warrior Program

About the Program

This policy is part of the Watertown Family YMCA’s ongoing effort to show our support and appreciation for those military members serving our great Nation.



Veterans or active duty military members who have sustained injury or disability during their service in Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom (OIF/OEF) are eligible for a free YMCA membership.


Proof of Eligibility Requirement

Both are needed:

  1. Service member will provide a copy of Valid Military ID
  2. A letter, from one of the following sources, stating that a YMCA membership would be beneficial in the treatment / recovery of the individual (Commander, Physician, Physical Therapist, Counselor, Psychologist or Psychiatrist).


Membership Details

This is a 6 month renewable membership. At the end of 6 months a new note from one of the previously listed sources must be provided.


Family Membership

Any eligible service member wishing to sign up for family membership would pay $102.50 for 6 months. (Family Membership rate less Single Adult membership rate).

Capital fund fee is waived for either single adult or family membership.


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We are the Information connection between military families and the communities in which they live

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