Watertown Family YMCA

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  • Spartan SGX Coach
  • Race & Course Director
Fairgrounds, Sackets Harbor
Accepting New Clients:
About Me:
I like to work with people of any fitness level and all walks of life! My philosophy is “One size DOESN’T fit all…”, so my approach to providing fitness and wellness to my clients is to pull from various disciplines of exercise to custom-tailor programs to fit the needs of my clients. I specialize in OCR(obstacle course racing)/mudrun (think Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, etc..) strength and conditioning. For over six years, I’ve been involved with the industry since its beginning on both sides of the sport, as an international competitor as well as holding multiple positions of race directing and course design. How this translates to providing comprehensive programming is that my perspective isn’t confined to the traditional exercise paradigm that can easily become redundant. Wellness and health should be engaging, dynamic, and FUN!