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Special Needs Gymnastics

  • 4yrs-7yrs
  • 8yrs-12yrs
Fairgrounds YMCA

YMCA Members: $48
Non-Members: $58
Military: $53

Learn, build and grow with the Y gymnastics special needs program where children can learn in a safe and supportive environment as they explore the world of gymnastics.

This 6-week program is open to children ages 3-12 years old and will run for 45 minutes each week
. Gymnastics gives children the chance to move their bodies in fun and creative ways. This class is designed to give children with special needs or developmental delays an opportunity to learn gymnastics in a relaxed and supported environment. Depending on age group, children may require a parent or caregiver to attend with them.  Instructors focus on gross motor skills and increasing muscle strength and coordination.


Physical – Gymnastics helps children build a strong foundation of coordination, strength, and balance.  Instructors can work with children on basic motor skills according to their abilities before introducing them to new skills or activities as they progress. Fundamental motor function and physical fitness skills are some of the most obvious benefits of gymnastics for special needs children.

Cognitive – Gymnastics is a very physical and individual activity that helps children with special needs to discover their own sense of strength and ability in a unique way.

Self Esteem – For any child, the ability to have confidence in one’s self is very important. It is even more crucial for children with special needs. Being in an environment where the child feels that he or she is successfully participating and contributing to the group in a team effort will help that child boost their own self-image.

Dates:  March 4-April 15
Next Session: May 6-June 10
Days: Sunday
Ages 3-5: 10:30-11:15 (Guardian participation required)
Ages 6-12: 11:15-12:00 (Guardian discretion)

Special Needs Gymnastics
March 4-April 15
Next Session: May 6 - June 10

Days: Sunday
Ages 3-5: 10:30-11:15
Ages 6-12: 11:15-12:00

Registration opens: April 4th 

Program Fees: 
YMCA Members: $48
Non-Members: $58
Military: $53

Register online, or stop into any of our four YMCA locations.  For availability 315.755.9622