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Swim Lessons (Carthage)

  • 3yrs or less
  • 4yrs-7yrs
  • 8yrs-12yrs
  • 13yrs-17yrs
  • 18yrs+
Carthage YMCA

YMCA Members: $23/$27

Non-Members: $43/$47

Military: $38/$42


Session 1: September 8-October 20 

The Purpose of the Carthage YMCA, American Red Cross, Swim Program is to develop competency, confidence, and endurance with swimming.  A child is advanced to the next level only when they can proficiently and safely perform the skills within their level. We expect each child to learn and progress at their own rate. Therefore, do not be discouraged if your child does not complete all the skills within their level during any one session. Your child needs to know that it is acceptable to take as much time as is necessary to master the skills.

Level Descriptions:

Level 1a: Prerequisite- minium age 3, beginner swimmer. 

Level 1b: Prerequisite- 5 years of age or older, beginner swimmer who is comfortable putting their face fully underwater. 

Level 2: Prerequisite- Unassisted paddle stroke with YES breathing (15+ yards). 

Level 3: Prerequisite- Modified front crawl stroke with YES breathing (15 yards) and treading water. 

Level 4: Prerequisite- Treading water (30 seconds), modified front crawl (15+ yards), modified back crawl (15+ yards).

Level 5: Prerequisite- Treading water (1 minute), front crawl (15 yards: breathing left, right, both sides), back crawl (15 yards, rest, 15 yards). 

Level 6: Prerequisite- Treading water (3 minutes), ability to perform the front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke, sidestroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. 

Adult Beginner: Prerequisite- Ages 18+, beginner swimmer.


Levels 1-3 AND Parent & Tot classes run for 30 minutes. 

Levels 4-6+ AND Adult Classes run for 45 minutes. 

Session1 Begins, Saturday, September 8 (no class September 22nd) 

All classes are held at the Carthage High School Pool

Saturday Afternoons
Time: Level:
12:00  1a 2
12:30 1b 3
1:00 1a 2
1:30 1b 3
2:00 1b 2
2:30 Parent & Tot 4,5,&6*
Adult Beginner*

Please note:

Levels 1-3 AND Parent & Tot classes run for 30 minutes. 

*Levels 4-6+ AND Adult Classes run for 45 minutes. 

Program Dates: September 8-October 20

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YMCA Members:
- Online only-
Sunday & Monday
August 26 & 27

Open Registration
-for everyone-
Tuesday, August 28

Program fees:

30-minute classes:

YMCA Members: $23*

Non-Members: $43

Military: $38

*Parent and Tot classes are FREE for members.

45-minute classes:

YMCA Members: $27

Non-Members: $47

Military: $42

Register online, or any of our four YMCA locations. 

For availability call 315.493.3286